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Annual Physical Exam

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Here are a couple of reasons why annual physical exams are important, these visits also help you track your progress toward your health goals. There are several components to a physical examination.

  • A physical exam can help you and your child's doctor detect and diagnose possible health conditions or see how well you or your child is coping with existing health problems(Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart Problems, Thyroid, Anemia, Kidney and Liver problems, Etc.).

  • Each component provides your doctor with information about your overall health and can help to detect common diseases in their early stages.

What occurs during a Physical Exam?

  • Vital Signs

  • Blood pressure

  • Heart rate

  • Respiratory rate

  • Temperature

  • Possible pain assessment

Physical Assessment:

  • The physical assessment is the part of your annual exam where ​your doctor will physically examine you to ensure you are in good health.

  • During a full physical exam, ​your doctor will likely listen to your lungs and heart, look in your eyes, ears, and nose, and visually inspect your general appearance.

  • If you have specific symptoms or concerns, the doctor may adjust the physical check-up to address the areas of concern.

Medical History:

  • The doctor will begin by asking if you have any concerns or health issues.

  • They will then address your lifestyle behaviors such as diet, exercise, tobacco and alcohol use, and sexual health.

  • The doctor will also check your vaccination records and update your personal and family medical history for future reference.

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